The Repair Mob

Q1. Why are your prices so much lower than everywhere else?

A. Well there's a few different reasons for this. First, The Repair Mob is owned by a screen and component wholesale company so we are able to buy our high quality parts at a lower price than some of our competitors.
Also, we only staff highly trained technicians so we are less likely to damage a customer's device and have to replace it. The big box stores add this liability to the price the customer pays.
We are also a privately owned entity that isn't franchised so we can prevent pushing the extra franchise fees we would have to pay onto our customers.

Q2. Do you offer any warranty with your repairs?

A. Absolutely, we offer a Lifetime warranty on parts against manufacture defect.

Q3. Do I have to pay if you are unable to fix my phone or tablet?

A. No, we never charge a diagnose fee or a labor fee if no repair was completed successfully.

Q4. Can I wait for my device at your location?

A. Of course, we have a customer lounge area with comfy seating, TV,  and complimentary beverages.

Q5. How long will the repair take?

A. Most of our repairs can be completed in 20-40 minutes. Some repairs will take longer depending on the type of device and type of repair.

Q6. Can I buy my own screen or part and bring it in for you to install?

A. We will allow this to be done on a case by case basis. If it is the right part for the right device we will quote a labor charge and be happy to repair the device with your parts, however we will not be able to offer a warranty.

Q7. Can I buy the part from you and install it myself?

A. Let us spare you the trouble of having to repair your own device. We do not allow anyone to buy parts from us unless they have a wholesale agreement with us. If you are a certified technician or you own your own repair shop and would like to buy from us you can send us a request at