Tablet Repair:

iPad 2/3/4 (Digitizer)                 $69.99

iPad 5  (Digitizer)                       $109.99

iPad 6 (Digitizer)                        $119.99
iPad Air  (Digitizer)                    $99.99

iPad Mini 1/2 (Digitizer)           $99.99

Ask about tempered glass screen protectors!

Walk-ins are welcome! We normally keep these repairs in stock, call The Repair Mob near you and we will gladly check our inventory.

The Repair Mob


Watch and Key Batteries

Things like your computer being bogged down and slow, virus issues, driver issues, networking, data recovery, back-ups, hardware replacement, upgrades, and any other computer service you might need.

We offer the same great Repair Mob service people have come to expect with their electronic devices on our computer service!

We pride ourselves in offering superior workmanship and customer service at a fair and honest price.

You can drop off computers at our store and we will make sure they are up and running as soon as possible.

Don't look any more!  The Repair Mob is now offering affordable watch and key FOB battery replacement!

Done on site by our highly experienced and trained technicians, you can rest assured that we will get your watch or FOB back up and running while you wait in our comfortable waiting area.

Bring in 1 or a bag full! Clear out that drawer of watches that don't work and let us get those back up and running so you can wear them again.

We suggest that if you have an expensive watch...say over $800...that you take that to a jeweler.  Most of these will have special cleaning and sealing requirements that only a licensed re-seller of the brand has available. We could change the battery, but the warranties on these require certified repair centers.Type your paragraph here.

iPhone Screen Repair:

iPhone 5,5C,5S                           $49.99
iPhone 6                                      $69.99
iPhone 6 Plus                             $79.99

iPhone 6S                                   $79.99

iPhone 6S Plus                           $89.99

iPhone 7                                      $89.99

iPhone 7 Plus                             $99.99

iPhone 8                                     $99.99

​iPhone 8 Plus                            $109.99